Love & Liturgy is about the re-uniting of the contemplative and charismatic expressions in the body of Christ. Two expressions that have often been excluded for the sake of the other, but two expressions that are needed for the Church to walk in both the power of Christ and the character of Christ.

Aaron and Kristen, along with their three children, Bethany, Joel and Samuel, moved from Newcastle, NSW to Sydney in July 2014 in response to the call of God to come on team at DaySpring and in April 2017, Aaron and Kristen transitioned into the senior leaders role here at DaySpring.

With over 15 years of ministry experience as worship, youth & young adults leaders, Aaron and Kristen are passionate about the local church and seeing the Kingdom of God established on earth as it is in heaven. 

Their heart is for people to encounter Jesus in a real way and live an empowered and influential life through faith in Christ. They believe in the power of family, knowing that it is through family that God demonstrates His unfailing love. They love nothing more than seeing people coming into a relationship with Jesus, discovering a place to belong and pursuing the call of God for their life.