Taking time to pause throughout our day is a great way of learning to abide in God’s presence. By pausing we train our heart to be aware of and remain connected to His presence. Here are some ideas as to how to build in a rhythm of pausing to be prayerful in our day.

  1. Use your phone to remind you to pause at a specific time each day. You can use a reminder app or simply set off an alarm. You could try setting reminders for morning, midday, and evening. Wild at Heart have put out a great app called “Pause” that will not only remind you but then guide you through a time of prayer. There is also a great app called “Lectio 365” which has morning and evening guided scripture reading and prayer for every day.
  2. For centuries the christian church has practiced pausing at midday to pray the Lord’s prayer. It is a great way of helping us to re-connect to the Father’s presence and prayerfully remind ourselves of the greater purpose we are all called to, bringing his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
  3. Here’s an example of how you could pause throughout your day.

    Morning: Lectio Divina
    Midday: The Lord’s Prayer
    Evening: The Examen

Look out for some posts in the coming weeks for more detail about Lectio Divina, The Lords’s Prayer and the Examen.

Remember the goal is to stop, slow down, be still, and pause to be with Jesus.